Saturday, December 29, 2007

Whine, Whine, Whine Your Boat... Right Into An Iceberg (UPDATED-FLASH!)

Give Governor Fee Fee credit.

When Team Romney goes "stupid", at least they go all in.

Yesterday they sent out an email that blasted the Union Leader and asked their supporters to call the paper to complain.

Today its the Concord Monitor's turn.

The NH Gang of 15's tongues are awagging

Romney '08 as Titanic?

Iceberg. Dead ahead.


(FLASH) We have breaking news that Team Romney is currently in high-level strategy meetings about when/how to "take the fight" to Panther Prints, Nashua High School South's school newspaper.

A senior Romney official told us, "We've had our eye on Panther Prints for some time. We feel that Prints unfairly targets Governor Romney by completely ignoring the Governor's plan for positive change in America. The Governor has spread around far too much of his own money in this election to be ignored by some upstart school paper. If Panther Prints wants a fight, well by God we'll give them a fight!"

More information as it becomes available.