Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blood Is Thicker Than Water, But It Takes Us Off The Grid

GMP1 is currently en route to Sun Valley, Idaho for a wedding (not our wedding, just so everyone is clear).

But a "very best friend's wedding". One that we would do absolutely anything for. Because there is nothing better, or more important, than one's friends.

And we are checking in, briefly, from the lovely Salt Lake City airport.

This is the first time we've managed to get online in about 10 hours.

And good Lord is there a lot of stuff going on:

Billy Shaheen quits Clinton's campaign, the DNC sends out a hit piece on Huck, Team Mitt refers to themselves as the "underdog" in Iowa, the Democrats debated in Iowa, no one knows who Huck's endorsement tomorrow in NH is, McCain gets the endorsement of a newspaper chain, Bob Novak is still a flailing old nut, Rudy's got an immigration ad hitting in NH and Huckabee has tied Hiz Honor in a new national poll.


And we haven't even touched our emails.

GMP1 will be back up tomorrow.

Live from the bro-bra ski capitol of the world (one of them anyway).

Until then....