Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ana Marie Cox Nails It, With A Little Help From The Folks At Democracy Arsenal

Regarding today's Iraq hearings, Ana points out Democracy Arsenal pointing out:

Petraeus and Crocker have no problems projecting out the potential implications of leaving Iraq - but they refuse to make projections of what staying will look like.
We agree (though we concede that we haven't seen the hearings in their entirety yet).

And this is political messaging problem #1 for the Republicans on Iraq as they march towards November.

Because the "Team America, F*ck Yeah!" message from '02 & '04 ain't going to cut it with the Independents in '08 (as it didn't in '06).

Not when the Iraq occupation is costing trillions of dollars and tens of thousand of American lives live on CNN in color.

And as go the Independents...