Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Bosnia Problem (As Understood Through A Bowling Score)

A recent email between two friends who are not connected to politics in any way, shape or form and who don't follow the presidential day-to-day closely.

The opening email:

Did anybody see his [Senator Obama's] bowling score? A FREAKIN 37!!!!! That's absolutely pathetic. I bowled three times that with a broken ankle.

I may be really shallow about this, and it really shouldn't matter, but there's no way I can ever take this guy seriously as a human being any more. It really bothers me. A 37?! Are you kidding me? That's not even 4 pins per frame. That's not even 2 pins per ball thrown. There were ten pins up, right? Was the alley a quarter mile long? How can a grown healthy person be so inept at general motor skills?

I sort of feel like a bad person for feeling this way about a bowling game, but maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow. Probably not.
A email response back from a second friend:
Hillary bowled a 350 in a single game, while simultaneously beating Putin in a judo match, and convincing Mugabe to hold free elections.
We don't believe that the "Senator Obama can't bowl worth a damn" narrative is all that poisonous.

The "Hillary Clinton is a liar" narrative well, that might be a different story.

Early morning food for thought.