Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oh Shut-Up, Mr. Dobson

From an article in today's Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Dobson took issue with a litany of Sen. McCain's positions, including support for embryonic-stem-cell research and opposition to a Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Those stances, plus Sen. McCain's discussion of global warming and his push to outlaw torture and shut down the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have "frustrated" conservatives "whom McCain seems to have written off," Mr. Dobson said.
We can't understand McCain either.

Why wouldn't a candidate for President in 2008 want to run on an anti-science, anti-gay, pro-fossil fuel, pro-torture platform?

Shoot, that makes no sense to us. Considering that Dobson's point of view probably would have worked great back in the 80s - the 1880s.

Noted: We would point out that of the issues mentioned above, we do acknowledge that decent and smart people can and will come down on both sides of the stem cell issue. But on the other above issues we get real ornery real quick when folks take an opposite point of view from us.

Remember, the Republican Party cannot be a white male cul-de-sac party and survive. It ain't rocket science. Just look at the voter registration rolls.

And guess what? Calling the mouth breathers out on their nuttiness doesn't (necessarily) make you elitist or "out of touch" with red America.

Especially when red America has begun breaking from Dobson on this.