Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Why The War Fighters At The Pentagon Are Just As Eager As The Tree Huggers To Get Off Fossil Fuels

How many miles per gallon do you think the average tank gets?

How easy do you think it is to defend miles and miles and miles of a slow moving, poorly armored supply convoy?


After the economy, the war and health care, is there a better issue for a '08 candidate to own besides energy? Is there a voter demographic a candidate couldn't appeal to with a substantive, progressive energy policy?


And we would bet that by 2010 - after two more years of $3+ gasoline/hurricanes/Middle East unrest - energy will pop into a top 3 slot in the minds of the voters.

The question for both political parties is, who's going to own it?

h/t to the reader who pointed out the Pentagon's supply problem. Just because it's obvious doesn't mean that we always get it.