Monday, June 30, 2008

Andrew Sullivan Hits A Home Run

Sullivan digs up an old book about Iraq written by Bill Kristol and goes yard.

Our favorite graph:

It seems to me that we demand accountability from our politicians and we should demand accountability from our intellectuals. Not that they always get things right - but that they give a full accounting when they are wrong. Instead we reward and celebrate those who not only get things wrong - Kristol and Rove now have prominent columns in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal - but those who have never taken personal responsibility for their own mistakes. Until we purge all these tendencies from Washington, we will not learn from history and we will keep repeating it.
Can. We. Get. An. Amen?!!??

Read the whole thing.

And where, oh where, is the New York Times/Wall Street Journal's self-respect?

With some many breathtakingly talented writers out there, who "goes" with Rove and Kristol?

Uh, news organizations who ponder why they have to struggle to maintain their relevance?

Wait, what?