Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Polls?!!?? Who Gives A Sh*t About Polls 130+ Days Out?

Look, we get it.

When Johnny Mac was coming from (waaaaaaaay) behind to get it done in the Republican Primary, most of what is now referred to as "Team McCain" was "somewhere else".

So here's a little piece of advice to the newbies from a blog who was there - ignore the polls.

You can't win talking about them. It's all just process and bullsh*t.

Embrace the underdog label. Love on it.

The party elites, the activists, the media, they've already made up their minds anyway.

F*ck um.

Every minute you spend wasting your time with some chickensh*t pissing & whining contest is a minute that you could have spent drilling down on message/ground game in the battleground states.

And take a wild guess which of those two different types of minutes are better spent helping an American Hero get elected president.

We're just saying.