Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Excellent! (not)

Oh good!

The Cowboy Governor is jumping in with McCain to try and end the offshore drilling ban.

And it looks like there is going to be a statement from the Rose Garden at 10:30? Great!!!

Hopefully The Big Dick will weigh in over the next 24 hours and really seal the deal. Maybe he can bring his secret energy advisers along for the ride.

But let's set aside the snark for a moment and get serious.

Ending the ban on offshore drilling is "shitty" policy because it won't do anything to affect gas prices (those aren't Obama talking points, that's reality).

And ending the ban on offshore drilling is "shitty" politics because it not only puts the candidate in jeopardy in coast states like Florida (we don't have data, but we can't believe that swing voters in FL support lifting the ban, even with $4/gallon gas), and it further ties McCain to Bush/Cheney/and all those fat and happy oil execs down in Houston who hooted and hollered like children when McCain announced he was in favor of lifting the ban.

Think Team Obama has video footage of that?

We humbly suggest that Team McCain move on to the next piece of its energy plan as quickly as possible.