Friday, June 27, 2008

The Union Leader UNLOADS On Barack Obama In Advance Of His Trip To Unity, NH Today With Senator Clinton (UPDATED)

New Hampshire isn't quite as blue as everyone thinks that it is (it's more of a purplish, reddish, bluish mess).

But, if there is one newspaper in the state that can still really deliver votes at the polling booth and drive the conversation, it's the (still mostly conservative) Union Leader.

The paper can swing close elections.

And the Union Leader is all in with The American Hero in 2008. They have been since the NH Primary.

Just ask Mitt Romney.

This morning the Union Leader published two anti-Obama editorials. Just in time for about 6 zillion press people to read on their way to Unity.

Publisher Joe McQuaid did one (key line: "Imagine having this inexperienced, opportunistic Obama in the White House with an anti-American, Islamist extremist state holding nuclear weapons.")

While his editorial team (Drew Cline?) takes Obama apart for not accepting McCain's town hall offer.

Ka-Blam! Ka-Blam!

Welcome back to New Hampshire Senator Obama.

(UPDATED) Our email box blew up over our Drew Cline typo above (initially we used a "k"). We've corrected it. Apologies to Mr. Cline.