Saturday, June 28, 2008

Unity, New Hampshire Is A Bust With The Locals, Which Is A Problem Considering NH Is A Battleground

The Union Leader's Drew Cline blogs all about it here (we should also note that we heard from other members of the NH press corp yesterday who were far more colorful in their description of the event than Mr. Cline in his blog post).

Cline's final two graphs:

Here’s why this matters. The campaign easily could have chosen to hold this event in Chicago or Manchester or in any place that could have accommodated a large crowd. But it chose Unity for the symbolism, knowing that the logistics were awful. Then it didn’t limit tickest to a number that could be trucked in and out in a timely manner should anything go wrong. So for the sake of symbolism, the Obama campaign knowingly inconvenienced thousands of people, putting the elderly and children at risk, and didn’t adequately plan for their removal from the site.

This is a campaign that imagines it can achieve an effective, rapid withdrawal from Iraq, but it doesn’t even have a competent exit strategy for Unity, New Hampshire.