Thursday, June 19, 2008

Karl Rove, Has-Been

Look Karl, we get it.

You're out.

You don't work at the White House anymore. The guy you backed in the Republican Primary didn't make it. The Republican Party you managed for the last 8 years is currently just a touch more popular than genital herpes. Scott McClellan's book hurt. And Team McCain is about as interested in taking your advice as they are in taking the political advice of the guy who cleans McCain's pool (does he even have a pool?).

So what does a "has-been" like you do Karl?

You bitch and moan about the people who took your place in the new pecking order using the one tool that a Washington has-been always has left - a newspaper column!

And your column in today's Wall Street Journal is a beaut Karl. Even for you.

You really bring the "tsk-tsk" to Senator Obama and Senator McCain for letting politics and a close election interfere with their economic policies.

You column is so "Senior Adviser to The President" like. So Washington Wise Man.

And such absolute total bullshit.

For 7 years Karl, you and the President cut taxes AND increased government spending. Which is politically a hell of a lot of fun in the short term. But absolutely disastrous in the medium and long term.

Just ask David Walker, a real Washington Wise Man.

When the next President takes over he will inherit about $10 trillion dollars in government debt. Debt that will ultimately end up increasing our taxes and decreasing our benefits. And a very good chunk of that debt is the direct result of your advice Mr. Rove.

So Karl, we don't think that you should be giving anyone economic advice. Let alone the next President of the United States.

We suggest that you simply shut your yap and fade away like a good little has-been.

We're just saying.