Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beginning To Understand What An "Apollo Type Crash Program" For Renewable Energy Looks Like

Statesmen who wish to sell "Going Green Forever" to the American public better be damn sure they know what they're getting into. Because if they don't, those who would sit on their hands and do nothing about the energy mess we're currently in will eat their lunch.

So before forward thinking statesmen (and their political staff) start plotting the future, they might try taking a look back.

And read what NYT's reporter John Noble Wilford wrote about the early days of our space program.

So that they may learn how a government run crash program spanning (and including) an entire continent managed to couple America's Biggest Dreams (and fears) with the intense willpower, manpower, money and organization necessary to allow the boys in the picture above a shot at getting the job done.

Absolutely. Fascinating.

And well worth every dreamer's time.