Thursday, June 12, 2008

Politico's Mike Allen (he has more readers than us) Thinks That The AP's Phil Elliott Is A "Rising Star" Too

From Allen's Playbook today:

THE BIG IDEA – AP rising star Philip Elliott from outside Columbus, Ohio – “Dems send aid into traditionally GOP exurbs”: “Democrats are venturing out [to spreading exurbs], giving the party hope it can win battleground states by at least diluting these local Republican strongholds they know they can't win outright. …National Democrats, sensing an opportunity, have started sending campaign workers into these fast-developing areas, where Democrats got blown out in 2004. … Reliably red Indiana added a Democratic spokesman to challenge the Republicans who control the governor's office and the state House. In Kentucky, a state President Bush carried by 20 percentage points in 2004, the Democratic National Committee funded three staffers' salaries.”
Now how can GMP1 compete with that?