Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Asking...

CW seems to be getting on the "Mitt Romney will be McCain's VP pick" train.

Just asking...

Does Mitt Romney really put Michigan in play for John McCain? Really?

Will the voters remember that the "I'm an economic genius" message which helped Mitt win the Michigan Primary (along with some plain old pandering) was Mitt 3.0 at least?

Will Charlie Black/Mark Salter/Rick Davis/Steve Schmidt remember that Mitt 1.0 (I'm the George Allen candidate) and Mitt 2.0 (I'm the change/anti Washington candidate) was soundly rejected by Republican primary voters (voters that Team McCain needs to get excited and turn out in November)?

Will the DNC rub its little hands together with glee at the ads it will get to run of things that John McCain said about/to Mitt Romney during the primary?

Will the American public view a guy who made hundreds of millions of dollars as a venture capitalist (which includes a lot of laying people off) as someone who understands the economic pain they feel right now?

Does the GOP want two white guys on the Republican ticket in 2008?

If Romney is put on the ticket by McCain, how long does Team Romney '12 continue to do what Rick Davis tells them to do if the election starts to get away from the Republicans in September/October?