Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Romney "Honored" To Take #2 Spot? Boy, That's Not What We're Hearing

The Boston Herald has a (self-fulfilling) story up about the increase in "buzz" around Mitt Romney's chances at being picked for VP.

The story quotes Romney as saying he would be "honored" to have the job.

Well maybe Mitt-Flop would and maybe Mitt-Flop wouldn't.

But if Romney would be honored to have the job, he might want to reel back in some former senior campaign staff who are walking around blabbing to people (paraphrase), "Well, Mitt doesn't really want it. But he hates losing and doesn't want anyone else to have it. He'll be pissed if someone else gets it."

True story. From sources we know and trust.

We sure as heck wouldn't pair an American hero up with that guy. Even if Team Romney '12 is only playing too cool for school.

Of course, we're just a humble little blogspot blog with zero fondness for Willard.

So what must we know?