Friday, June 01, 2007

Breaking Immigration News! McCain Staffer Matt David Collapses From Exhaustion After Managing Avalanche Of Anti-Romney Earned Media!

Many in the Gang of 500 are calling McCain's support for immigration reform a "gamble".

But, if McCain believes that his support for immigration reform is "the right thing to do", can he really be gambling? Or is he just doing what is par for his course?

We vote "par for his course".

Which is why we love him.

And, McCain's non-shifting stance on immigration (and every other issue) allows McCain war room staffer Matt David to focus exclusively on McCain's opponents without having to worry about defending internal flip-flops.

Which is a luxury not enjoyed by Mitt Romney's staff. They're still trying to sort out just where the hell their boss stands on immigration.

Which is par for Romney's course.