Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is The New Hampshire Attorney General About To Open A Romney Inquiry?

Noted: Again, this is one of those posts where we are not going to name names and we are going to post whispered rumors.

Take it. Or leave it.

It seems as though the story "Romney campaign aid pulls over a car carrying a private citizen (who also happens to be a NYT's reporter) on a New Hampshire public roadway and tells the private citizen that Romney's campaign has run the citizen's license plate" has got some legs.

Which is probably not great for Romney.


We did some calling around after news of the incident hit the MSM this morning. And there are some very unhappy NH Political Wise Men (and women).

To be fair, several of the unhappy political water carriers are publicly supporting campaigns other than Mitt Romney's.

But a few are not.

As near as we can tell, the two NH political constituencies who are really upset by the allegations are the law enforcement community and the legal community.

Which makes perfect sense.

Real cops don't like fake cops pulling over drivers. And lawyers/judges don't like it when citizens don't obey the law.

One publicly uncommitted Wise Man told us that he was hearing rumors that a group of "concerned citizens" was going to approach New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and ask her to "formally look into the matter".

Which also makes perfect sense because AG Ayotte (who we have never met) has a reputation as a no nonsense, effective executive who doesn't tolerate political BS.

Which would make her the perfect person to get to the bottom of this mess.

Time will certainly tell.

Rumors, "concerned citizens" and anonymous sources?

Like we said earlier - Take it or leave it.