Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bush At 26% Approval Rating, Staff Tries To Get Him Speaking "Not From Behind The Podium"

What do you think it's like working in the White House these days?

Down is up. Up is down. Left is right. The Vice President claims he's not part of the Executive Branch. Etc.

The President might not be talking to the portraits. But his staff (whoever is left) sure as hell must be.

GQ's Robert Draper (a really nice guy we first ran into at a McCain event in Keene) has a interview up with recently departed White House Communications Czar Dan Bartlett.

It's worth a read.

Especially the part where Bartlett tries to dispel the "Bush lives in a bubble" narrative by highlighting the "informal group of advisers" Bartlett uses for his own "reality check".

A "informal group of advisers" who believe that Bush could really tackle his Administration's woes if only he would come out from behind that damn podium.

Up is down. Down is up. And left is right.