Thursday, June 14, 2007

The "Fast-Track Campaign"

What impact will the front-loaded 2008 primary calendar have on the various presidential candidates?

Beats the hell out of us.

If anyone tells you that they "know" what the impact will be (or even "sorta know") they are lying.

The only thing that we claim to "know" is that 1. the whole process is a clusterf*ck and 2. New Hampshire is more important than ever.

And into this great unknown universe wades the Washington Post with a new project tittled "Fast-Track Campaign".

You gotta like Chris Cillizza and Paul Kane's moxie.

And, you gotta love the interactive primary map.

Which is why we are linking to the site.

But even the great Washington Post needs to be very careful that it doesn't find itself using the expression "we know" in regards to 2008.

Because they don't.

And we know that we're just saying.