Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Hampshire Primary More Important Than Florida, Ending Global Poverty

Ok, we made the "ending global poverty" part up.

But you get the point.

Conventional "wisdom" is all over the map about which 2008 state primary contests will matter and why.

But the smartest of the smart money knows that as goes the New Hampshire political narrative so goes the national political narrative.

Bank it.

We'll say it again - Bank It

A decisive win in the New Hampshire Primary doesn't guarantee a candidate their Party's nomination, but it's 14 steps in the right direction.

While every other candidate takes 3 steps back.

And in this presidential race a 17 step head start ain't chopped liver. Especially if that head start comes in 2007.

Right Ho-Ho?

The NH Primary Defenders know what we're talking about.