Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tonight's Big Debate Winner - Wolf Blitzer!

We'll be posting our thoughts about tonight's non-event event tomorrow morning.

When the ringing in our ear stops. And the rum wears off.

But even in our current handicapped state, it's clear who tonight's big debate winner was - moderator Wolf Blitzer.

Who got more airtime (13:24) than any candidate except for Clinton (14:26) and Obama (16:00).

Kudos to the Dodd campaign for providing the exact time counts.

Of course, since we spent some time in DC a few years ago, we are (hyper) aware of old Wolf's love for old Wolf's voice.

One night at Chef Geoff's (shout-out Geoff, the Choate graduate owner) on New Mexico Avenue (long before the 13th Street location), we had the pleasure of being seated at a table directly behind Blitzer's.

And that night we had a side of Blitzer to go along with our serving of Blitzer.

Blitzer on Blitzer is a wonderful thing.