Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mitt-Flop Calls "The Other Guy" A Liar

We've met New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich twice. For a combined total of about 38 seconds.

He seems like a nice guy. And we certainly enjoy his reporting.

Speaking of Leibovich's reporting, Mark wrote a piece last week about Mitt Romney campaigning in New Hampshire that included the following graph:

He (Romney) travels with an entourage that includes two or three “operations” guys who serve as advance men and a security detail. (Between stops in New Hampshire, this reporter found himself trailing the former governor’s S.U.V. on a back road, only to be led to the shoulder and instructed to “veer off” by a man wearing an earpiece who emerged from Mr. Romney’s car. “We ran your license plate,” he told the reporter, and explained that no one was permitted to follow Mr. Romney’s vehicle.)
Which, when we read what Leibovich reported, really twisted our banana hammocks.

And so we penned a little missive about the Romney staff's obnoxious, "gee I wish I was a cop because I have a really small penis" here.

And Eyeon08, whose bannana hammock was also bunched by the same episode, has their take here.

But Snarking aside, the one thing that we did not expect was that the Romney campaign would tell the AP that Leibovich was LYING about the episode.


And so the simple question to the Gang of 500 is who do you believe?


Or "the other guy"?

And when you do figure out that you believe "the other guy", how pissed are you going to be and what are you going to do about it?

We're just saying.