Monday, June 04, 2007

"Pack" Journalism

575+ of us came. 575+ of us saw. 575+ of us didn't learn much.

Shame on us. Because we don't think that many of "us" get it. And we are quite sure that many of "us" aren't trying.

But we know The Politico's Roger Simon "gets" it. So does Mark Halperin, who did his best with the slop we were served last night.

We are stunned at the time, money and manpower that went into a "debate" where the moderator got more speaking time than 6 of the 8 candidates.

And not nearly enough was said about David Walker. Not. Nearly. Enough.

But the salmon buffet was nice. And we did see some of our friends from the media. And it was on CNN's dime. So...

Inside Basball Snark to one of our Clacker neighbors from last night: When people are sitting really, really close to one another there is not a whole bunch of privacy.

So, if you send a email that refers to your neighbor as "that Monday Morning Fucker" well, chances are your "fucker" neighbor is going to see it.

And that "fucker" neighbor might be tempted to tell his 400 friends in the old and new media that a well known blogger, who is nothing if not a shrill one trick pony on the Iraq War, looked completely lost when the conversation last night turned to Bob Kerrey's recent Iraq War Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

It was kinda a big deal. And not knowing about it well, it makes you look ignorant.

Even if we are a "fucker".

We're just saying.