Friday, June 29, 2007

Edwards Camp Moves Forward In New Hampshire

The Edwards camp sent out a press release this morning trumpeting the opening of 8 new campaign offices in New Hampshire (Berlin, Dover, Derry, Keene, Laconia, Lebanon, Nashua and Portsmouth) The campaign already has community offices in Concord and Manchester.

The campaign also announced the hiring of 11 new field staffers, which brings the total number of Edwards staffers in NH to 40.

Although "conventional wisdom" thinks we're nuts (probably for more than just one reason), we believe that the Democrat most likely to take down Hillary Clinton (if she can even be taken down) is John Edwards.

And yes, we are aware of Obama's very impressive 250,000.

And that Chris Dodd is running a great race so far (with not a lot of traction).

And don't get us started on the failed former Energy Secretary.

We like Edwards chances for two reasons.

First, his politics are a "big side of Democrat to go along with your serving of Democrat".

Which is they way to be in a Democratic primary fight.

Second, and almost more importantly, Edwards has been through this "microwave" before. In 2004.

Crib Note: Seasoned and hardened and vetted. At the Presidential level.

Which is a significant advantage over every other Democrat running with the exception of Hillary Clinton.

Microwave candidate v. Microwave candidate in the '08 Democratic Primary? Time will tell.