Friday, June 22, 2007

Jay Garrity Says "You Will Respect My Authority!"

UPDATE: The AP is reporting that Jay Garrity has left Team Romney.
Team Romney needs a timeout.

Because senior Romney campaign aid Jay Garrity now finds himself the target of not one but two investigations.


Noted: We don't normally call out campaign staffers by name on this blog. Although we do make exceptions. And when the campaign aid is the target of two investigations, we'll make an exception.

One investigation is being led by the New Hampshire Attorney General Office. And one investigation is being led by the Massachusetts State Police.

It might not be Watergate.

But it's still an investigation by the NH AG and the Massachusetts State Police.

And can anyone imagine if Mitt Romney actually got elected and little Jay Garrity found himself embedded deep in the Office of Homeland Security?

We'd really have to respect Garrity's authority then.

Even if it was nothing more than heavy breathing on the phone late at night.