Thursday, June 14, 2007

At What Point Does Someone Actually Throw A Molotov Cocktail?

Real Clear Politics poll averages as of 6.14.07 -

President Bush Approval Rating: 32% Approve, 63.2% Disapprove = Spread of 31.2%

Incredibly ugly. But don't worry Congress, it gets worse for you.

Congress Approval Rating: 25% Approve, 62.5% Disapprove = Spread of 37%

But we have some "good" news.

Congress and the President have finally agreed on an agenda that the American people care about - sorting out exactly what Harriet Miers was up to during the AG firings!

Because even though the AGs served at the pleasure of the President, and even though no one has mentioned criminal wrongdoing, and even though this overreaching Congressional fishing expedition won't put food on the tables of the hungry, American kids through (better) schools or help us begin to deal with meaningful entitlement reform, both the Congress and the President are itching for this fight to "fire up their respective bases".