Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stupid Is What Stupid Reads

You gotta love the Union Leader newspaper.

You. Just. Gotta. Love. It.

The UL has a hard hitting story up today on their front page - "Hollywood faces join in the debate", which explores what socialite Arianna Huffington, some TV actor, a movie/TV actor, a retired GOP pollster and a Democratic activist thought about the Democrats debate performances.

Oh yeah, the event was hosted by a group called the Creative Coalition. It took place at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester yesterday morning. Eggs were served.

GreenMountainPolitics1 was at the event. We decided not to run anything because the event was so stupid and inane that we are still trying to figure out what the actual purpose of the event was.

Other than to give Arianna an excuse to hold forth.

The Boston Globe's James Pindell was also at the event. He didn't run a story either. On his blog or in the Boston Globe.

The Manchester Daily Express, a free paper that is primarily focused on events in downtown Manchester, didn't run anything.

But the UL ran the story. On the front page of their newspaper.

Meanwhile, buried at the back of today's Union Leader, is a story that has actual merit - "New Hampshire leaders push education for 2008".

Noted: Both UL stories were written by the same reporter, John Whitson. Both stories, in our humble opinion, were well written. We're criticising the UL editor. Not the reporter.

Because a $60 million dollar, bi-partisan, NH grassroots campaign to encourage presidential candidates to focus on education reform is, according to the Union Leader, less of a story than what a actor from The Matrix thought about Obama's debate performance.