Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is The Draft Shaheen Movement Further Along Than People Think?

Note: This post is based on whispered rumors from people we will not identify.

Note #2: "And you're just a Blog!" our very good friends in the MSM would yell in (half joking we hope) disgust.

Note #3: "And we're just a Blog!" we would yell right back with a big grin on our face.

We don't have any problem printing a rumor we pick up on the New Hampshire Trail, if it comes from a "credible" (our call) source and it isn't some form of character assassination.

And, in the last couple of days, we have heard from "credible" sources that Kathy Sullivan's Draft Shaheen movement is moving along nicely.

Which isn't exactly shocking because A. It's Kathy Sullivan and B. Jeanne Shaheen makes such an attractive candidate.

Full disclosure: We have never met either lady. But we do have a lot of respect for Mrs. Shaheen, who runs a tight ship down in Cambridge.

But what is interesting, we think, is that we've heard that the movement is already identifying various New Hampshire presidential campaign staffers to come work on Shaheen's bid after the NH Primary.

Which makes perfect sense.

Most Presidential campaigns have been on the ground in New Hampshire building their organizations for the last 5 months. So, in theory, if Jeanne Shaheen announces the day after the NH Primary she would already have in place a field organization that has been fully functioning for over a year.

Not too shabby.

Of course, we aren't totally convinced that Mrs. Shaheen actually ends up leaving her great job in Cambridge. But it looks like the political machinery will be there if she wants too.