Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back On The McCain Bus In New Hampshire

On Thursday we talked (blogged) our way back onto McCain's campaign bus for the Rochester-Franklin leg of McCain's New Hampshire No Surrender Tour.

Joining our fat head in the above picture is the lovely and talented Ana Maria Cox of Time, the hilarious Chris Jones of Esquire, the quiet Michael Cooper of the New York Times and Senator Straight Talk. Our apologies for boxing out Liz Halloran of US News who was sitting to our right (the Senator's left).

Hat tip to McCain aid Mark Salter for taking the photograph.

Noted: Cox's write-up may be found here. Cooper's here. The others will be out at a later date.

A lot of ink, digital and otherwise, has already been spilled about McCain's No Surrender Tour and so we are hesitant to spill more.

So we'll close with two items.

First, we believe that John McCain is the most qualified of all the presidential candidates to "sort out" American policy in Iraq when the troop surge is up in April.

We hope, and expect, that McCain will talk more about his post-April vision in the very near future.

Second, on a lighter note, the best quote from the bus not reported anywhere else came when Senator McCain somehow got talking about a recent newspaper review of his new book:

McCain (describing the book review), "The book is great but McCain is a total joke and a failure."

To which Salter, McCain's co-author, immediately piped in, "Which is good enough for me!"

Everyone else: "Laughter"