Thursday, September 06, 2007

Uh-Oh, I've Backed The Wrong Horse! (UPDATED)

We have a hell of a lot of respect for Howard Baker.

And even though we are quite sure that he doesn't remember it, we certainly remember chatting with Mr. Baker once or twice (years ago) in DC.

So the former Senate Majority Leader certainly has good taste when it comes to who he chooses to converse with.

But not so good taste when it comes to who he backs in 2008.

Unless you think stuff like this actually works.

Which we don't.

And neither does Jon Martin.

Of course, Fred does give us "excellent" material to snarkily work with. And now that he's actually a declared candidate, well...


The always "on" James Pindell has details of Freddy's upcoming visit to New Hampshire.

It looks like Thompson will be sucking down chili at the annual Seacoast Republican Woman's Federation event Saturday night.

Just like us.

And the 300 "other" media hounds who will be chronicling every burp, belch and bellow.