Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well Done Senator Gregg!

A Congressman finally does something that we can get excited about.

No snark.

The Union Leader has a huge above the fold article on Gregg/Conrad sponsored legislation that would create a bipartisan task force to meaningfully address government entitlement spending.

Noted: Hat tip to Jordy Yagrer, an intern with the Boston University Washington News Service who wrote the article.

The "teeth" of the Gregg/Conrad legislation - The bipartisan task force (made up of 7 House Members and 7 Senators and chaired by the Secretary of the Treasury) submits "long term policy recommendations" to the Congress in December of 2008, which would then have just 5 legislative days to accept or reject the entitlement reform proposals without change.

We look forward to watching the Congress kick and scream its way through that vote.

The best part of the Gregg/Conrad bill? The legislation has the support of GAO head (and our hero) David Walker.

Which means that it has the support of us.

And we'll be watching its progress very closely.