Saturday, September 29, 2007

McCain Is Back In New Hampshire, But We Still Don't Work For The One Campaign

John McCain was back in New Hampshire yesterday for several events.

We attended the Maureen Barrows house party in Exeter and the American Legion town hall in Epping. Both events drew sizable, enthusiastic crowds.

The UL has their write-up here. Holly Ramer at the AP has a write-up here.

Not that anyone particularly cares, but we wore our "One Campaign" black t-shirt to yesterday's events. We believe in what the One Campaign is trying to do and we like to give them a little free advertising by wearing their t-shirt and white bracelet on the Trail.

Noted: The One Campaign is NOT the Bono fan club. We've been warned.

Anyway, in between yesterday's McCain house party and American Legion town hall we actually bumped into the good Senator in the lobby of the Exeter Inn. Imagine that.

And when we saw Mr. Straight Talk in the lobby we walked right over to him, stuck out our hand and said, "Senator, good to see you again."

To which he replied, "Great to see you, great to see you." And then, pointing at our One Campaign t-shirt said, "That's a great organization, really good! I see you guys everywhere. Keep up the good work!"

And then he was gone. Before we could get off even one blog-tastic question.

So we have two questions.

First, can Team One Campaign count our encounter with Senator McCain as a "official" intercept?

And second, do we get paid for something like that?