Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mary Matalin Explains What Jay Leno Has That New Hampshire Voters Don't

Freddy Thompson loves Leno (probably because they both work in the same industry).

And this Wednesday, while the other GOP candidates will be on a stage in NH debating issues, Thompson will be on Leno's couch yapping about his favorite memory from Law and Order.


And Mary Matalin, a top adviser to Fred Thompson, makes no secret of the way Team Thompson feels when it comes down to Jay Leno vs. New Hampshire voters.

As Mary said today on Meet The Press:
MR. RUSSERT: Mary Matalin, on Wednesday night, all the other Republicans will be on a stage debating in New Hampshire. Fred Thompson will be on Jay Leno. Is that appropriate?

MS. MATALIN: And guess what? Who do you think has the largest audience at that time? Jay Leno has 31 percent of the audience at the time immediately preceding the video. This is a message-driven campaign, and we want to drive people, and the biggest place to do that was Jay Leno. We want to drive him right at 12:01 to hear Fred Thompson’s principles, which is the definition of performance. I don’t know what they mean by performance. I know what he means by performance. It is getting your principles out there, and we want to drive him right to the video so they don’t have to go through the prism of us. You can read it, and you can see it, and you can hear it and deliver his principles. Thank you, Jay Leno.

Take that, sit on it and rotate New Hampshire!

Hey, at least we hear Team Thompson is going to run a TV commercial during the NH debate.

We wonder what the NH Gang of 15 will have to say.

We know what they should say.

Hold on tight.