Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's A Character Thing, And It Has To Be

John McCain starts a 3-day swing through New Hampshire today. Which got us thinking. And pontificating, humbly.

We believe that history will look favorably on the positions that John McCain took on the tough issues.

On the war (moving forward from here). On immigration. On torture. On entitlement reform. On global warming.

And, as always, GreenMountainPolitics1 will have those specific policy conversations with anyone, anywhere.

But the judgment of history will not help John McCain in a 2008 Republican primary battle. In fact, as he has locked-up favorable policy reviews from historians not yet born, McCain has shed (some would say hemorrhaged) Republican support for his candidacy.

Popular support is a fickle mistress when it comes to specific policy positions. And this summer she's been cheating on Johnny Mac.

Which is how McCain finds himself here, running 4th behind a field of candidates that (in our humble opinion) are "nuthins".

Noted: We've known several "someones" in our day. So we know what a "nuthin" looks like.

But a nuthin can read polling data just as well (usually better) than a someone.

Which is why Romney, Thompson and Giuliani are in no danger of telling the GOP electorate hard truths regarding their Party's stance on immigration, global warming and torture.

Why rock the boat?

The three nuthins can smell the nomination. So they jettison real leadership, consistency, specifics and the long term health of their Party in a poll driven dash for the highest office.

Not that it's really all that different from elections past.

But sad truths do not change the fact that we believe John McCain will not win the Republican nomination in 2008 on those issues.

If the '08 Republican Primary is primarily about immigration, global warming, torture or several other principled (and ultimately correct) positions that McCain has taken, the game is up.

No matter how right he is. Fickle mistress and all that.

Not that this has to be a problem for Johnny Mac. No sir.

Because character is destiny. Even when it has to be.

And Johnny Mac has more than enough character to win the Republican nomination. Twice.

Because real character and real experience is a real commodity in 2008. Enough so, we believe, to overcome policy positions that don't sit particularly well with the GOP base.

Enough so to overcome the three nuthins.

So welcome back to New Hampshire Senator McCain. We look forward to seeing you a whole lot this fall.

And we look forward to seeing you explain to the voters what the difference between this...

and this