Wednesday, September 05, 2007, The DNC Gets Its Negative On... And Our Larger Narrative

The reason we're so interested in a new anti-Romney website is because the website is another example of how the Internet has changed (and is still changing) the way politics is played at the highest level.

And we're fascinated by change. Because it's the only constant.

The Boston Globe breaks the Mitt story.

Noted: The NYT broke a similar story last weekend about a new anti-Obama website.

In our humble opinion, the Internet has proven two things in the political arena - 1. You can raise money from it (see Obama, Barack or Dean, Howard) and 2. You can kick the everlasting sh*t out of your opponent and (hopefully) push the negative narrative into the MSM (see or

What "real" political strategists (not just campaign fundraisers and communications directors) are waiting to see is if the Internet can actually drive voters to the polls.

That jury is still out.

But we think not for very long.