Monday, September 17, 2007

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows?

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll has old Fred Thompson doing particularly well among conservative, older men.

If the polling is true (and we bet that it is) it's not such good news for Mitt, the conservative placeholder's, chances in a Republican Primary.

Which screws with our head.

Because the one candidate that GreenMountainPolitics1 finds more obnoxious and unbelievable than Mitt Romney is Fred Thompson.

We. Just. Can't. Stand. Him. Our entire philosophical and political core revolts (is revolted) at the idea of a Arthur Branch Presidency.

And the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? Well, in this case, probably not.

But we'll continue to beat Thompson like a drum anyhow.

And when we read something like Julie Bosman's Sunday NYT article about Fred on the campaign trail we start to grin. Particularly because of this line:

Next week, his (Thompson) schedule has no public events at all, limiting his appearances to fund-raisers in Florida, Tennessee and Texas.
And then we have to ask the Gang of NH 15 who read this Blog, when is Fred Thompson coming back to NH again?

And then we have to ask Team Romney's War Room, are you going to be able to hold your noses and push us out?

Remember the WSJ/NBC poll.