Wednesday, September 12, 2007

McCain Slams Hillary Clinton Over Petraeus Ad

From the McCain campaign:

"Senator Clinton said that believing General Petraeus' testimony requires a 'willing suspension of disbelief.' I think it willingly suspends disbelief to not repudiate an advertisement run by a radical left wing organization that impugns and dishonors the integrity of a man who has served his nation with dedication all of his life. If you're not tough enough to repudiate a scurrilous, outrageous attack such as that, then I don't know how you're tough enough to be President of the United States."
We just don't get Clinton/Edwards/Obama's willingness to cozy up with the and Daily Kos (see Yearly, Kos) set.

The two organizations are high profile and can raise money. We get it.

But at the end of the day these candidates will have to ask whether their association with these two organizations helps or hurts their chances in the 5-10 states in play during a general election.

And we think that these two organizations hurt Clinton/Edwards/Obama's general election chances. Terribly.

And we don't buy that the "hurt" exists because of right-wing smear attacks.

The "hurt" exists because and Daily Kos are not where the country is.

And their media campaign sucks.

Sucks hard.

We're just saying.