Monday, September 10, 2007

We Weren't Going To Spill Any Digital Ink On This...

Because we just can't compete with the anti-war nuts/pro-surge nuts/Congress/activist/media whore/cable news circle jerk going on in Washington right now.

And who would want to? Because today's theatre changes nothing.


But we just can't help ourselves. Truly. So here's a little Smart Snark...

To the anti-war nuts - cut the funding for the war or shut-up and get out of the way. General Petraeus has better things to do than watch you all preen (inarticulately I might add, Ms. Woolsey) in front of the cameras.

Noted: Nice call on the NYT ad today. That really moved the needle in a direction you wanted. Not.

To the pro-surge nuts - the only question you should be asking one another is what is American policy towards Iraq going to be when the troop surge is done in April (all those hours of testimony today and we didn't hear you debate this question, the only question).

We get it, the surge is working. But Petraeus is a "security expert" not a "policy maker", and he's going to need new marching orders in April. And you're going to have to break it to the American public that this country is in this mess for the long haul. So get to it.

Good Lord Almighty, 40 minutes into tonight's News Hour and one begins to understand why Congress' poll numbers are in the toilet (even the staid Jim Lehrer looked like he wanted to slap the 4 members of Congress he interviewed after the Petraeus testimony segment).

Slap away Jim, we got your back.

No snark.