Friday, September 07, 2007

Keeping It In Perspective

Salon's Walter Shapiro has a great Obama article up which includes the following graph:
Paul Tewes, Obama's Iowa coordinator, marveled, "It is something I've never seen before in politics. After people hear him speak, they say that they feel at peace." That phrase -- "feel at peace" -- has also never been used before by a veteran campaign staffer since I covered my first Iowa caucus in 1980.
"They say they feel at peace".

We're not ready to drop the Snark bomb on this. Yet.

Even though Obama's NH staffers are getting quite a reputation among some in the press for giving equally "potentially snark worthy" quotes.

Remember, when you invite (beg for) comparison to Robert Kennedy you better be able to produce when the time comes.

Because Mr. Kennedy produced when the nation most badly needed him to.

And the jury is still out (way out) on whether Obama could handle a situation like this.