Monday, December 03, 2007

Compassionate Conservative Redux

Sometimes a video is worth 2,000 words.

And we think that this debate clip is a good snapshot of why Mike Huckabee leads in Iowa, will play in New Hampshire and should make a good run at South Carolina.

Huck's well-delivered answer appeals to social/cultural conservative voters (who loved the first part of his answer) and moderate/independent voters (who felt comfortable with the second part of Huck's answer).

Like most of Huck's answers on most issues.

Rudy and Romney's answer appeals to no one.

Like a lot of their answers on many issues.

Which is why Rudy and Romney's numbers are dropping in most places where voters are already "really paying attention".

And Huckabee's are rising.

Huck's path to the GOP nomination is just as valid as any other candidate's right now.

Believe it.