Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ron Paul Looking To "Shock The World" In The New Hampshire Primary

Here we go again with unnamed sources, unattributed quotes and pure gossip.

So cue the sighs in Concord.

But we've heard from two New Hampshire sources that senior staff on Team Paul are giddily telling Granite State activists that Paul will "shock the world" on January 8th in New Hampshire.

As in Team Paul thinks everyone is about to see some seriously positive Paul movement here.

Of course, wishing doesn't make it so. But...

Our sources tell us that Team Paul is "thrilled" with their fundraising (duh!) and that they're pulling in and organizing voters and activists in New Hampshire that haven't been active in years.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

As one source told us, "I'm not just talking about the tinfoil hat people either. People are f*cking pissed at the party!"


But some of the Paul gossip and spin we're hearing seems to jive with what we're seeing on the ground in New Hampshire (it's anyone's guess as to what's going on online, but remember how good Paul's internet troops are at raising digital dollars).

Ron Paul yard signs are everywhere (and that has to be organic because Paul has almost no staff). The guy is all over paid media. And New Hampshire is just the type of state where a candidate like Paul could pull off an upset.

So how do you define "upset"?

Well, we think "upset" is a top three finish for Paul.

But, in GMP1's humble opinion, "shocking the world" is a top two finish in New Hampshire.

If Ron Paul can come in ahead of either Mitt Romney or John McCain in New Hampshire, Paul has officially "shocked the world".

Of course "shocking" means "unexpected".

And good Lord Almighty, a Ron Paul top two finish in New Hampshire would be nothing if not unexpected.

Except maybe to Team Paul.

So pick a number between 5 and 15.

And hold on tight.