Tuesday, June 03, 2008

GMP1 Might Only Be "A Few Bloggers", But McCain Can & Must Be The Reform Candidate

David Brooks is up with a new column pointing out several uncomfortable truths facing Team Obama and Team McCain in the general election.

The whole thing, as always, is worth a read.

Especially this paragraph:

Today, [McCain] is scheduled to give a forceful speech on why “reform” is better than “change.” He plans to describe how to remobilize government and address economic anxiety. But McCain’s reform message is only being carried by him and a few bloggers. Obama can draw on a coherent body of economic work and 10,000 unified voices.
Unfortunately, Mr. Brooks is "presently" correct - Team McCain has so far done a poor job of stressing Johnny Mac's extensive record of reform.

A record of reform that must be a central thread in McCain '08's message if McCain is to stand a chance in November.

We hope that McCain's speech tonight - and the required follow through by his campaign moving forward - will start to change all that.

We're just saying.