Monday, June 09, 2008

Portsmouth Herald "Relentlessly" Pitching McCain & Obama Camps To Do Town Hall In New Hampshire

We received an email this morning from John Tabor, Publisher of Seacoast Media Group.

He had seen our postings calling for New Hampshire to move quickly on McCain's offer to do joint town halls with Obama and he wanted us to know that his newspaper was "relentlessly" pitching the two campaigns to allow the Portsmouth Herald host a town hall in New Hampshire.

He mentioned that both McCain and Obama had already participated in successful health care forums in their building during the New Hampshire Primary (see the above picture of Obama).

And while it is unlikely that the McCain/Obama camps will let the Portsmouth Herald "host" a town hall by itself (see what happened when ABC offered to do the same in NYC), we think that it is terrific that the Portsmouth Herald is pushing to bring a McCain/Obama town hall to New Hampshire.

And since a good chunk of New Hampshire - a battleground state - gets its news from the Seacoast Media Group well, they can move folks a wee bit faster than GMP1

Now, about those other New Hampshire MSMs...