Friday, June 06, 2008

Senator Clinton Is No Justice Powell

Ever since Bill Clinton won the White House in 1992, rumors have floated around DC that somehow, someway Hillary Clinton would end up with a seat on the Supreme Court.

That Senator Clinton's qualifications for sitting on the High Court included only that she was once a lawyer of little note in Arkansas and that her husband was President did little to dampen the speculation.

Now that Hillary Clinton has lost the Democratic Primary, the rumors have started to rear their ugly head again. From Mike Allen's Playbook (originating with Novak?):

JUSTICE CLINTON? “If Barack Obama is elected president, mutual friends say the best course for Hillary Clinton might be nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court rather than staying in the Senate. Clinton is also talked about as suitable for secretary of state in an Obama administration. The consensus among her friends is that she would not be content forging a lifetime career in the Senate, as Sen. Edward M. Kennedy did after he lost the 1980 presidential nomination. A footnote: The last confirmed Supreme Court nominee without prior judicial experience was Lewis Powell, a prestigious attorney from Richmond, Va., named by President Richard M. Nixon in 1971.

GMP1 had the unique privilege of conversing with Justice Powell on several occasions and we can safely say that Hillary Clinton is no Lewis Powell.

But don't take our word for it, simply compare the Powell/Clinton biographies for more than 35 seconds.

The idea of Hillary Clinton as Justice Clinton was silly in 1992. And it's silly today.

We're just saying