Monday, June 09, 2008

Flash: President Bush To Make Remarks On Economy. GMP1 Has An Advance Look.

Interesting stuff.

From the President's 2nd paragraph:

"Look, I cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans while at the same time greatly expanding Medicare. Let me tell you, cutting taxes and jacking government spending sure is fun. At least in the short term. Just ask Turd Blossom.

I started two wars. One of which, it turns out, didn't need to be started. Whoops.

Energy policy? What energy policy?

And man oh man, am I glad that I'm not going to be around when the Baby Boomers really start to retire and shipwreck our entitlement programs.

(throws his hands up and laughs into camera) When the next guy takes over, we'll have $10 trillion in debt on the books. With no end in sight. Is it any wonder that our dollar and our economy is in the tank?

Any questions?"
Any questions?

Noted: These are not the President's real remarks. But they could be. And if you don't think that they could be then you really haven't been paying attention.